how acupunture works and what its excellent benefits

How acupuncture works and what its excellent benefits

How Acupuncture works and what it's excellent benefits.

The people research and want to find out the alternate, non-pharmaceutical treatment through which they get to heal. Many alternative therapies came from the previous centuries. One of the most profound and effective treatments is known as Acupuncture. Let’s explore How it works and what its excellent benefits are.


Acupuncture versus acupressure


Word acupuncture is the combination of two words. First, acu means fine needle. Second, Puncture means making a small hole at a specific point in a particular region. Treating diseases and pain coupled with stress by balancing the energy and blood of the organs.

It is based on the flow of electric current lines called meridians, divided into five zones on the bilateral side of the body.

On the other hand, acupressure means applying pressure through the finer thumb on a specific point to cure diseases by stimulating the nervous system and brain by releasing neuropeptides. In addition, It helps the neurons to communicate with each other. It decreases the sympathetic flow (which causes a flight or fight response) and increases the vagal tone, causing it to produce a non-stressed state. 

The increment of vagal tone may have beneficial effects on cardiac health and the digestive system. Furthermore, enhancing the immune system and relieves pain.

However, acupuncture theory is based on balance, and health comes from vital force, energy, or an organ’s blood by puncturing the acupoints with a fine-sterile needle. When force or energy is disturbed, the body may suffer diseases.

 It was first published around 100 BC; the research was going, and officially, Acupuncture was recorded in the mid-14th and 16 centuries. As yet, it is under the topic of study.

How is it performed?

Puncturing is done with a single-use fine, sterile needle by a trained, licensed, professional acupuncturist.

 A trained, experienced acupuncturist performs it. First, trained staff examined

the patient physically, which therapy is needed before the treatment, either
consciousness or sedation. After applying the alcohol, acupuncture points puncture
is done with a sterile fine hair needle. It doesn’t cause severe pain, but
it feels like slight pricking.


Excellent Benefits of Acupuncture and how it works

 Research conducted in 2020 shows that it has mild to moderate benefits for low back pain. Uniquely, in 2018 research shows it is beneficial for chronic pain, frozen shoulder, arthritis and other musculoskeletal pain.

Acupuncture is the most effective non-pharmaceutical treatment, especially for acute and chronic pain.


2009, studies in Neuroscience letter show that Acupuncture has therapeutic effects on stress-related problems such as anxiety and depression.

Research in Autonomic Neuroscience in 2010 concluded that Acupuncture is an effective treatment for several GI complaints and other digestive issues.

Healthline research has found that it lowers stress-related hormones and improves mood. It also helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and hence, increases feelings of happiness.

Clinical studies have shown the efficacy of motor function and reduced the symptoms of neurological diseases.

 Research shows that it is effective against acute and chronic low back pain.

It is also recommended to treat head, migraine, cervical pain, back pain and pain in osteoarthritis.

It increases endorphin production, positive feelings, and Mood enhancement.

It may also give good quality sleep by producing serotonin hormones (related to sleep cycles); research has been done on animals.

Balancing the endocrine system and hormones enhances the ovary’s function and sperm quality, and fertility.


Specific acupuncturist points may help trigger nerve singling, thus helping in reducing inflammation and allergic reaction.

It also helps the production of red blood cells, white blood cells and T- cells and causes to boost the immune system. 

It is effective against the neuroendocrine and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone systems; controlling all these are beneficial in preventing high blood pressure.

 It stimulates the central nervous system, which causes the release of chemicals or hormones in the spinal cord, brain and different regions in the body.

These activations of biochemicals promote the natural healing process.

Frequently ask a question

What are the disadvantages of Acupuncture?

It is performed by trained professional staff. It doesn’t have severe disadvantages except for soreness and minor bleeding.

When should  Acupuncture be avoided?

Active infection, especially cutaneous, malignancy, as there might be a threat of the spread of neoplastic cells; and severe neutropenia secondary to the risk of infection”. In these conditions, Acupuncture is avoided.


Is there any contraindication to Acupuncture?

 Areas of poor skin condition, Diabetic patients, Patients with epilepsy, Hemophilia or other clotting disorders are relative contraindications to Acupuncture.



Acupuncture therapy can be added as a complementary therapy with pharmaceutical management.
It doesn’t affect any treatment or side effects. It should be the component of our treatment for getting the best result in recovery. Research shows that it can potentially impact getting the best results for diseases. To achieve the best result, you should know how Acupuncture works and its excellent benefits.