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what are the three keys to good health


Everything you can get if you have good health and goodwill. Several parameters can impact our good health…


As we know, meditation has many positive effects on a healthy mind and body. For thousands of years, people do meditate and get benefits from it…

Pros and cons of meditation

Family where life begins and love never ends

Yes, the family where life begins and love never ends when I open my little innocent eyes;  with a shrill crying sound;


I suspiciously asked the question to her what meditation does feel like.

what does meditation feel like


What are the best health and wellness tips for the 2023 year to enhance the immune system or get strong to fight against viral or bacterial diseases;


Spiritual awakening involves awareness that can lead to increased empathy, compassion, and connection to others and the world around us…

What are the Best 15 foods that lower cholesterol


Living style and diet both have profound effects on controlling cholesterol. However, One problem still needs to be solved by choosing the proper healthy diet to manage and maintain blood cholesterol.

How can activities such as yoga and meditation serve as alternatives to drug use


How can activities such as yoga and meditation serve as alternatives to drug use. Really, it is very effective against mental disorders, addictions, anxiety and many more. Surprisingly, work by creating calming and inner peace environment and mental modifications.


The young girl feels lonely in a crowded area. She always wants to avoid getting interested in any event. The pretty girl laughs and even makes herself laugh in a family hall and entertains others. Everyone gets to enjoy her company. Although, during these gatherings, she often suffers….

excellent benefits of dates


Date palm trees are the source of dates. Dates are the fruit of date palm trees .In Urdu dates called Khajoor. It is an excellent natural sweetener.

There are different dates, such as Ajwah, Kalami, Mabroom, Sukkary…..

How to find and the best tips for Inner Peace

Inner peace is such a precious treasure; we can’t purchase it from anywhere. If we put the inner peace in one life balancing pan and the other pan is full of life luxuries. However, the inner peace’ pan is heavier than the other one. 

how to find and the best tips for inner pece
what are the best benefits of fig

Benefits of fig

Figs have a light sweetness to them and are shaped like a teardrop. Ficus carica is the fig’s botanical name. Fig Urdu’s name is anjeer. Its fig fruit and ficus carica leaves have excellent health benefits. Black figs are excellent and nutritious. They are stocked with……


Solving the complicated track of life, puzzling out the riddles of success, and achieving the legend goal. Man becomes tired and not willing to step forward. Hard to stairs-up the success. Take a rest. Deep breathing inhaling and exhaling exercise. Sit in a calm environment. Focus your attention….

Words of encouragement to a friend who is feeling down

Words of encouragement give power and strength to the person in depression. Many possible faulty events, such as genetic vulnerability, stressful life events and due to depressive mood, may cause the initial stage of depression.

How seeing colors during Meditation

Colors play a crucial role in emotions, sentiments coupled with feelings. In addition, health depends upon significantly balanced and working of light waves and colors.

how seeing colors during meditation
how does diabetes affect daily life

How Does Diabetes Affect Daily Life

On a sunny, torrid day during a hectic schedule on an empty stomach, he again pours soda on the boneless reddish soft carpet TONGUE, hmmm…

Delicious taste.

Everyone inside is surprised who has come to our channel; the drop goes through a narrow

The teary eyes, depressive thoughts, hopeless mind: bow down on the lover’s warm Lap. It may cause illumination in the dark. Showing the track of path may cause blooming in life. Vanishing the emotionally disturb feelings.

After the passing of a hectic day’s schedule, physically tired with….

Technology affects the quality of life

What are 6; the best stages of Spiritual Awakening

Life is nothing without spirit. Life relies on the perfection of the soul. Yes, body diseases are somehow related to the health of the soul.

Sweet or Harsh words impacts on Heart

Scientifically the words always remained. They remain from century to century. A sound is a form of energy. Energy never dies. It may transfer from one form of energy to another. 

9 benefits of honey you must know

9 benefits of honey you must know

Honey is an organic natural sweetener viscous consistency obtained from the honeybees (Apis mellifera) from the blossom nectar.

One spoonful of royal Honey has miracle effects on health.

Here in this topic, we discussed its composition and its beneficial uses.

What are Meditation Element and Five Elements of Nature

The more conducive environment, the more easily successful in concentrating the focus point other than non-important thoughts. The background should be calm and peaceful and not be overcrowded.

Love is more depressing than depression

Love is more depressing than depression:

It is really yes; love is more depressing than depression. It can easily understand; who is in love. Yes. The question arises in your mind why it is so. You can aware this,

What is the Latest Diet trend in 2023

As time has evolved, causing lifestyle changes. Thoughts become upgraded. People are conscious about diet To get the positive impacts on health. Strong people know; the most valuable thing on which the quality of life depends is Health.

what is the latest diet trends of 2023

How you get the Medicinal Uses of Vinegar:

The vinegar has surprising medical, cooking and cleaning effects.

One bottle of vinegar kept in the kitchen cabinet has dramatic results…

 A wise man said health is wealth. It is truly realized when you are ill or face health problems. The past pandemic emphasizes the importance of boosting our immune system to overcome the issues of different diseases. It is only possible to maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Ancestors or forefathers said that healthy eating at a growing age might result in old age.

What are the best health and wellness tips for the 2023 year for enhancing the immune system or getting strong to fight against viral or bacterial diseases; avoid junk foods and move towards nutrition.


What are the best health and wellness tips for 2023

As the New Year embark with new wishes and dreams, new challenges are possible; when you are solid and robust, you can face all troubles energetically and move up the stairs of success.

Here some of the tips are given below.