diabeties;lifestyle and its changes

Diabetes; What are a human lifestyle and its solution

Diabetes; What are human life style and its solution

On a sunny, torrid day during a hectic schedule on an empty stomach, he again pours soda on the boneless reddish soft carpet TONGUE, hmmm…

Delicious taste.

Everyone inside is surprised who has come to our channel; the drop goes through a narrow passage following different troughs, and the crust reaches J-SHAPED MAN, shouting who has come?

How much sugar content do you have?

He shouted to Man irately; what have you taken, Man?

Why do you want to destroy me?

Man scared who has pointed to me by looking here and there.

J-man said; I am inside you, just at the epigastria region, He saw the bulging -vibrating, slightly tilted J- Shaped says Hi, Dear! You have taken such devastating things that destroy me and become a curse for yourself.

Man astonishingly said; who are you? Why did you order from me?

He said; I like to take it and will take it again and again.

How do you dare to forbid me?

J – Man warned him angrily and said; take the meal as a healthy meal, not to enjoy every time; man, I am your living part, do not ignore me.

Cares for the internal part of your body, no matter if you cannot see it every time.

Not eat like an animal who have no sense of eating and living.

Eat like an intelligent-Man, to maintain your health.

Take a simple meal,

Avoiding excessive eating may cause a burden on us.

Scholarly Man, you want to beautify externally, as you have to care for yourself internally to maintain a healthy life.

Be careful about us.

All your organs take a healthy meal to maintain us functional. I am requesting you, Man.

 Ok, if you want to come in trouble, take it. You will see the horrible results yourself.

You should know diabetes;  what are the human lifestyle and its solution

Time flies, day and day passing every night j-shaped man threatens, but Man doesn’t care and calmly sleeps with the big tummy.

One velvety night, after taking a celestial dinner in a grant feast reached home with drowsiness, thigh pain, a headache, and discomfort. He is in trouble and feels severe pain.

Now the j- shaped man said; I often threatened, you disregard my advice. Oh! Stubborn man; I am the j- shaped man PANCREASE who releases insulin in your body and regulates glucose levels.

I PANCREASE, for the safety of your health, lowers the level of blood glucose by binding and allowing the glucose to enter the body cells and produce energy. I PANCREASRE releases two primary hormones directly into the bloodstream.

1– Insulin


 If my blood glucose level gets too low, I also release Glucagon to stimulate the release of glucose from the liver and act as a saving box required when needed.

Insulin controls the blood sugar level when it becomes high.

The continued high level of sugar may turn into a disease called diabetes.

In which the pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin or the cells do not fully utilize insulin to drop the sugar level.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent, with deficient insulin production and requires daily administration of insulin; it is onset from childhood.

Type 2 diabetes non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset in cells does not efficiently utilize insulin.

Gestational diabetes

It occurs during pregnancy and may cause compilation during pregnancy and delivery.

You have loaded me and caused me fatigue and nonfunctional.

I become tired of saving you from maintaining your health.

 Even if you don’t walk, get an exercise planner.

You overload me too much. The pancreas doesn’t make utilize insulin to drop the sugar level. Enough insulin or the cells are not entirely.

Problems related with diabetes

Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure. Heart attack, stroke, eye diseases and lower limb amputation.

Why not care about me?

Why do you destroy me?

I am your part man

I am your prime part.

You should love me, cares for me getting a healthy, happier, and more charming life,

I become tired Man and lose my tendency to regulate sugar; this excess sugar may accumulate in your blood transport passage, in this, you may suffer a disease called diabetes and

Blood pressure,

Nerve damage (neuropathy)

Kidney damage (nephropathy)

Eye damage (retinopathy)

Lower-limb amputation.

Other symptoms of diabetes

Dry mouth

Excess urination

Low healing of infection

Weak and fatigue feeling

Weight loss

Trifling or numbness in the feet and hand.

Increased thirst

Oh, man! OH, man! We all caring you but are not stubborn Man.

 We have made the Army team for you; we are clearing the Dome-shaped huge Liver Man, Kidney bean man, and gut intestinal tract. We all fight against you, every channel is compromised, and you feel discomfort.

Preventive measures

You can prevent me by

Taking a healthy lifestyle

Changing your diet

Increasing physical activity.

Maintaining an average body weight

Avoid tobacco.

 We all love you, j –shaped Man said just in a crying manner.

Man, OH, my friend! I always hurt you. Damage you. Now we are good friends. I will not hurt you again. I will care for you. I will do all that things which cause healthy for you so we can live much more happily, healthy, and lavishly together in a precious friendship bonding looking j-shaped man with a smiley face. In addition, explore diabetes, What is human lifestyle, and its solution.