What is the best Healthy diet in winter

Healthy diet in winter


3. Honey, figs and dried fruit should add to the best healthy winter diet.

4. Eggs are a rich source of protein should take it to keep the body warm in winter.

5. Soup garnished with chicken and egg may have a yummy delicious taste and be a valuable dish in the winter.

6. The Supreme meal for children; is to add a small piece of roti in hot chicken or mutton-boiled simple soup as the roti becomes soft and easily digestible for children becoming the supreme and healthy diet.

7. Extraction of dates or Nabeez is also an essential healthy juice not only health point of view but also has many medical important such as in UTI, improves digestion, IBS syndrome, and increases the immune system.

8. Nuts have high calories with rich sources of minerals. They keep the body warm in the winter season.

It has excellent antioxidant activity and anti-cancer activity.

How we take and recipes for a healthy diet?

Supreme food is prepared by boiling the chicken or mutton, adding some salt, and green chilly on slow flame; after getting a low dene quantity of extract, add some roti until it becomes soft. The juice met with healthy roti, an easily eatable, easily digestible and healthy, less time consuming diet especially for children.

Nabeez prepares it by soaking the dates, grapes or Raisins (khismish) the whole night; the next day, it may grind or mash drink it after filtration. It is the most beneficial juice that has valuable medicinal importance.



All seasons have their own worth. All seasons have their precaution. Winter has its effects, so we should take the best healthy diet to reduce the impact of winter.

We should take rich vitamins and fruit to boost the immune system to fight off diseases.

Take a healthy diet in winter, such as Eggs, chicken corn soup, nuts, and green vegetables, to enjoy winter joyfully and avoid winter blues.