how the sweet and harsh words affects

How the words are powerful

Sweet or Harsh Words Impacts on Heart !!!

Yes, words never die spiritually and scientifically!

Harsh, Hard, and bitter words tear the heart. Its scratch or scar may remain throughout life Vice versa sweet words may conquer the cardiac world. Harsh-teary-hearted words may cause the days of life to the night of the throne. Over time, it may decrease the intensity of pain. But the scar may remain.


Scientifically the words always remained. They remain from century to century. A sound is a form of energy. Energy never dies. It may transfer from one form of energy to another. It may change its frequency but remains in the environment. A sensitive person may feel the vibes of superior and inferior sounds. It is profound effects on the honourable creature of the world.

The typical procedure of arising words from the mouth involves mouth parts, including lips, cheeks, hard and soft palate glottis, and tongue-containing muscles firmly anchored to the floor of the mouth. All these, along with lips, are involved in the formation of speech. Sound is produced by modifying the passage of air through the mouth, which goes to the sensory and motor nerves to decide how and what to speak. These words are made by involving the tongue, teeth and lips. It may occur in a million seconds.

One word which involves all such typical internal and external organs and complicated procedures, how doesn’t it have worth?

Every word has its worth.

Make your words worthy of yourself by dignifying them.

Be a maker of sweet words —— cause people to be happy and produce positive vibes, which have long-life effects.