Love is more depressing than depression

Love is more depressing than depression

It is really yes; love is more depressing than depression. It can easily understand; who is in love. Yes. The question arises in your mind why it is so. You can aware this, after diving into love. You are swimming in the tides of your beloved wishes. What’s your destination, your plan, what’s your intentions, even your lifestyle, your thoughts, your passion and all that even you are yourself under the possession of your love. Under the shadowing and——-boundaries of your beloved. But when  you are fall in true love.

Life becomes a fantasy when you are with them. But this life also becomes depressive when you are away from your beloved.  How the life becomes dark when your loved ones leaves you, how the series of depression, dark nights and hurdles become start. Nothing is important to you, even itself your life. Yes, it really happens. But only under the condition of true love.

Yes, love is more depressing than depression:

Because it causes the worst symptoms of depression as the diseases of depression has; it is truly understood; those beloved left this world towards the eternal journey, how they spend their time, and how difficult it is to enjoy life without them. In every moment, they remember their lover, how pain feels in their heart, how they hid the tears behind their eye lens. Even they can’t express their feelings.  How they feel loneliness coupled them with the artificial core of happiness in front of strangers. It can be true to understand who is in love.

It also causes depression when you do not follow your beloved order or your loved ones become angry with you; or far from you, not wanting to live with you. How these situations created the following symptoms inside you:



-Feeling fatigued

-Appetite changes

-Can’t concentrate anything

-Feeling of hopelessness

-Not getting hobbies and activities

-Wants towards the end of life

Yes, these symptoms arise when you are in depression. Or these symptoms generated when you lost your love. So we can say love is more depressing than depression. 

Similarly, when you give your honest and best regards to anyone; regardless of whether they are humans, pets, or your passion, losing them leaves you feeling like a depressed person. 

love is more depressing than depression

But the severity is different. It also depends upon the intensity of your love. As your intensity of love is high, then your sign of depression is raised.

As a matter of fact, everyone knows that love gives pain. But the question arises here, why do they want to enter this painful world? But the other picture is different from the previous one. That is when you are in the fantasy world of love. You feel that whole world I have. Nothing to need more. It’s really realized when you lose them.

 Your feeling become more intensified; when loved ones left you eternally. At that time, you can’t able to see them. your eyes wants to see; but you can’t. It gives more pain and feeing down. You may also suffer from panic attacks.

 It can be true understand when the mother’s feeling raised; as her baby comes on her lap that time she feels, the whole world comes in her lap. How happy she is. On the other hand, she suffer in anxiety and feeling of depression; when her baby gets hurt. Kid’s happiness makes mothers happy. Kid’s pain gives her the feeling of anxiety. How is love? How deep meaning have is?

When both couples understand the second one, a couple’s relationship is going well. However, conditional love leads to depression for both parties.

love is more depressing than depression

I think the depression associated with love increases its worth. Undeniably, the main purpose of humans, the creating world, and the existing relationship all based on love. How valuable it’s worth.

Every precious has some drawbacks. That the love has. Depression due to loss of loved ones can cure. Yes, it can cure by doing some activities such as yoga and meditation.

It creates the distraction of your stuck thoughts. Further, it gives you the self-awareness, deep dive in the nature reduce depression and anxiety. Additionally, it gives strong stamina or will power to face any hard and trouble situation.

love is more depressing than depression

In short, it understand clearly in the easiest way when falling in love. Everything is good. But after reaching its deepness, how it damages you? You fall into pieces; when they leave. Retracting into the spirit- mind, and body is very difficult. Difficult to give energy to the dead soul. The pain engulfs you so intensely. You can’t sleep or eat, living sad and hopeless, or feelings of anxiety and depression starts. At that time, you say that love has become scary. On the contrary, you must feel strong to face all these conditions and solve all troubles and hurdles. You can help with non-pharmacological methods such as meditation and yoga. It is clearly understood that love is more depressing than depression. But be groom to face it!