What are Meditation Elements and Five Elements of Nature

meditation elements and naure's elements

During the fast riding of the life, the tract does brake. Take rest. See, inside, you are yours for knowing self-personality do Meditation. Let’s explore what the procedures and Meditation elements are.

Step 1 element

Vacated mind and focusing point:

Relax and let all the thoughts come to mind except the intended focusing point, which is to be imagined.

step 2 element of Meditation

Timing and atmosphere selection:

The more conducive environment, the more easily successful in concentrating the focus point other than non-important thoughts. The background should be calm and peaceful and not be overcrowded.

The temperature should be moderate, not too high or cold.

The timing suitable for Meditation is

Early in the morning, before sunrise

In the afternoon

In the evening before and after sunset

After midnight

Midnight is the most appropriate time, and I prefer the time between sunset and sunrise.

Meditation should start in a relaxed and peaceful manner

Step 3 element

Postures of Meditation:

The posture should be comfortable and easy. The body should not be tense and restless and may not feel the pose as long as one remains in the state of Meditation.

Cross legs sitting posture

Sitting on hams


Step 4 element


After sitting in a comfortable posture in a relaxed and calm environment keeping the back and head in the exact alignment without creating any stress, empty your lungs, exhaling through both nostrils.

VERY SLOWLY start inhaling through nostrils as much as the lungs are filled with air

Without holding your breath, start exhaling through the mouth. This inhaling and exhaling make one cycle. Complete eleven cycles of inhaling and exhaling, which can be gradually increased to twenty–one processes.

Step 5 element

Take notice if your mind is distracted from the focusing point; turn back the wandering mind into the main focusing targeting point.

Step 6 element

Terminating the Meditation by slowly opening your eyes with gentleness, feeling inside and around you. You feel fresh and feel mindfulness.

That’s the practice of Meditation should increase gradually.

It is believed that our body’s physiological maintenance is based on five elements of nature, which is also the principle of Meditation.

Every element helps another; all are interconnected and maintain the body’s vital energy, balance, and health.

If one of the elements suffers any problem, it might affect another function.

The five elements of nature, which are fundamentals of living creatures: through which Meditation can incorporate are given. en











Each elements of nature have their own specific functions


If the earth element is raised, it may cause Obesity, having more desire to eat, showing laziness and not wanting to take any tension. The increment of these elements causes selfishness.

In other words benefits of earth  elements are that they decrease anxiety and depression.


It controls the function of the eye, helps in digestion or improves the efficacy of digestion, acts as an appetizer, and a feeling of hungriness raised. It increases intellectual activity. It enhances the function of the nervous system and enhances the immune system.

It increases the production of vitamin E production and causes glorious effects on the face.


It controls cardiac function; any disturbance in this element may cause cardiac attacks, unconsciousness, and paralysis.


It controls the fluid port as we all know that our body containing70 % water. It contains the function of blood flow.

Air element

It is the primary element and helps in controlling heart and blood function.

The creation of sound and formation of sound; increases the ability of remembers or enhance the memory effect.

All these essential five elements affect or change based on genetics, living, ad food lifestyle. Is there any change in these crucial elements that may cause disturb the balance and maintenance of the body

Suppose we thought these elements are fundamental to our life; besides all these, we can’t survive. Similarly interchange and unbalancing may cause diseases. Life is impossible without these.

Elements of meditation incorporate with the elements of nature

If we correlate with the exercise of meditation, we thought that in mediation imagination based on these elements, you could feel the fresh water falling from the hot rock or mountain sound of  stream  falling coming in your ears, you can hear and touch the whitish-blue sky on your top falling water you can feel the softness like the cotton covered or surround you, wet sand on the earth produce the sweet light aroma causing the environment so relaxing and peaceful. Hence, smoothly and excellent how you embedded in this natural meditation world all these essential elements embossed on your soul and flow in your blood give a cooling and relaxing world!

Frequently ask a question

How often a meditation should be done?

There is no set guidelines how many times you should do; studies shows that who meditate daily get more benefits; consistency is the best key to get the benefits

Is 20 minutes of meditation a day enough?

Lots of successful says that it is enough to get the benefits of meditation.


Meditation elements in corporate with the natures element and you definitely get the benefits . 20 minutes daily is a good habit to achieve the maximum results. By the incorporation of fundamental elements of living creatures with the meditation practice and get the desired result of meditation.