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How spritual awakening rub Narcissism

The pretty young girl roams here and there with curious eyes entering one vacant room and searching next to another in her empty house with the crying sound, Mama, where are you? Sometimes she opens her hand like her mother came and hugged her. Mama returns. I am calling you. She is running, sobbing, in search of finding her mother. Her home is empty. No one replied to her—just the imaginary face of her Mama. 

She is 25 years old. She is awakening the whole day and even can’t sleep at night. She is crying alone and finds her. She has an inexpressive heart and mind. But She decorates a piece of smile on her face in front of people. But what’s the darkness that exists inside her? No one knows; how she cries and finds her loving mom alone.


Spiritual Journey from narcissism to awakening:

Now the girl entered the dark phase of the soul. She started the spiritual Journey when her mother left her. She went towards the eternal world and how the whole charming world changed. After 3-4 months, she is not standing with; with getting started to enter the third phase of spirituality illuminating light start. She said I have to move forward, travelling the spiritual awakening journey.

Now the dark phase of the soul turns towards the light tunnel, innovation, seeking a new world, reading books, coupled with new hobbies. In the fourth phase of the creation, she further continued her study of Mphill in cardiology, how she qualified Phd in a rapid learning phase in the spiritual world. 

And the fifth stage of achieving self-awareness and getting success. Next to the motivated world, start here with a win. Now, the girl shows gratitude for having a soft corner heart and being careless about future uncertainty. In this sixth stage, She is ready to face any challenges. Now ego and narcissism have been lost. She has entirely entered the new world of self awareness.

Before this accident, she had narcissistic behaviour and did not want to escape her fantasy world. But losing her beloved may change her mental and spiritual health. How spiritual awakening rub narcissism.

Basically, she travels the Journey from narcissism to spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening rub narcissism
Stages of spiritual awakening:

The stages of spiritual awakening include,

1-Feeling down, confused

2-The dark night of the soul

3-Deah of ego

4- curiosity phase seeking new hobbies. Challenges


6 Reassurance of unlimited energy.

The difference between narcissism and spiritual awakening:

How Spiritual awakening rub narcissism

Narcissism and spiritual awakening are considered opposite ends of the spectrum.
Spiritual awakening, however, is related to self-awareness.
Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by the following:
– Excessive self-love,
-A lack of empathy for others,
-An inflated sense of self-importance.
-Narcissists often have a deep need for admiration and attention and may go to great lengths to sustain their idealized self-image.
-They are proficiently adept at damaging the mind and creating chaos for people living with them.
On the contrary, spiritual awakening is the process of self-discovery and transformation that involves developing a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s place in the world. It typically consists of a shift in perspective from an ego-centric to a more compassionate and interconnected view of life.
This process can involve letting go of attachments and patterns that no longer serve us and developing a greater sense of humility and openness.
It is essential to realize that spiritual awakening involves moving away from narcissism. It is because selfishness consists of a preoccupation with the self and resistance to change or growth. Indeed, it is central to the spiritual awakening process.

A narcissist can be self-conscious:

Yes, a narcissist can be self-conscious, but the nature of their self-consciousness differs from that of most other people.

A narcissist’s self-consciousness focuses on their own image and how others perceive them. They are often preoccupied with their appearance, achievements, and status and are highly sensitive to criticism or perceived slights by their ego. This preoccupation with their own image can lead to anxiety and insecurity when they feel that they are not being admired or validated by others.

Problems associated with narcissistic people:

It’s worth noting that narcissists may be self-conscious about their own image. They may not genuinely self-reflect and acknowledge their flaws and limitations. It can make it difficult for them to address the underlying issues contributing to their narcissistic behaviour.

How the human struggling with narcissism:

Individuals suffering from narcissism should seek professional help and support to address the underlying causes of their behaviour and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Therapy or counselling can be an effective means of addressing narcissistic behaviour. Moreover, this may help individuals develop a more balanced and healthy life.

Can spiritual awakening rub narcissism:

Yes, a narcissist can have a spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening is a transformative experience that can happen to anyone, regardless of their personality or behavioural tendencies.

Narcissistic people, although it may be more challenging for them than for individuals who do not have narcissistic traits. In addition, it also depends on the severity of narcissism.

In light of my research, narcissistic people can change, but it takes a long time. Furthermore, the above true story of a young girl has proof of the journey from narcissism towards spiritual awakening.

How spiritual awakening changes narcissism:

Spiritual awakening involves awareness that can lead to increased empathy, compassion, and connection to others and the world around us. Without a doubt, it can be difficult for narcissists, who are often preoccupied with their own needs and desires and may struggle for their own.

However, it’s important to note that a spiritual awakening does not necessarily cure narcissism. Narcissism is a personality disorder that is deeply ingrained and can be challenging to treat. While a spiritual awakening may inspire a narcissist to seek help and change their behaviour, it’s essential to seek professional support and treatment from qualified mental health professionals.

Severity in narcissism:

There are different degrees of narcissism, ranging from healthy self-confidence to pathological narcissism.

Individuals with higher narcissism tend to exhibit more extreme or maladaptive behaviours and attitudes. Like, arrogance, self-centeredness, a need for admiration, and a lack of concern for others. These individuals may also experience more incredible difficulty forming and maintaining healthy personal and professional relationships.

Indeed, narcissism can be a problematic trait. But not always pathological or harmful to oneself or others. Healthy self-esteem and confidence are necessary for individuals to function well and succeed personally and professionally. It may consider a disorder when narcissism becomes extreme or causes significant distress and impairment.

narcissism and spritual awakening
What causes a narcissist to have a spiritual awakening?

Narcissists may experience a spiritual awakening for various reasons, such as a life-changing event, a significant loss or crisis, the death of a beloved, or a personal or transformational experience.

After getting such a deep grief, dark night of soul stage in spiritual awakening can be a transformative experience that shifts an individual’s perspective, values, and beliefs. It can bring a newfound sense of purpose, meaning, and connection with something greater than oneself. For narcissists, this can be a turning point in their personality and behaviour, as they may view themselves and the world differently.

Regardless, it’s markedly  note that not all narcissists experience a spiritual awakening; even if they do, it may not necessarily lead to a significant change in their personality. Narcissism is a deeply ingrained personality trait; overcoming it can be challenging and ongoing.

People also ask:

Can spirituality cure narcissism?

As with yoga and meditation, this therapy contributes to mind, body, and soul healing to help in the death of the ego. His may decrease the signs of narcissism.

Can a spiritual person be a narcissist?

Spiritual narcissists use their spirituality and faith to influence others to promote their own ego. It may be a guru, spiritual teacher or beloved partner. 

Can meditation fix narcissism?

There are many types of meditation. It may help reduce the negative aspects of the phycological relationship with narcissism. It also helps to increase self-awareness and thought, compassion, and empathy.



When you have lost someone, feeling shuttered for any reason may cause him to feel confused and depressed. At this stage, narcissistic people may change and undergoes a spiritual awakening—meditation, yoga and other mind-soul healing treatment beneficial for you. During the life journey, everyone has to face challenges and worries. I personally pass the stages of spiritual awakening. It brought many changes to my personality.

Furthermore, sometimes seeking a spiritual awakening to overcome narcissism may not be the most effective approach. It’s essential for individuals struggling with selfishness to seek professional help and support, such as therapy or counselling, to address the underlying issues contributing to their behaviour.

I have personally seen the effects of spiritual awakening rub narcissism. Unquestionably, it may also depend on the severity of narcissism. If it is extreme, it chiefly affects their life. They should concern the health professionals for enjoying an ego-free and peaceful life.