Technology affects quality of life

The teary eyes, depressive thoughts, hopeless mind: bow down on the lover’s warm Lap. It may cause illumination in the dark. Showing the track of path may cause blooming in life. Vanishing the emotionally disturb feelings.

After the passing of a hectic day’s schedule, physically tired with thoughts of burden may enter the house facing the looming smile of partner, hugging the children after drowning in the dazzling eyes of children may relax the loaded stress.

The polite core of double-layered-love GRANDPARENTS tells the story of their childhood to their grandchildren, how the children get notified about their culture and intellectual enhancement occurs.

At dinner, when a whole family member takes the meals with discusses the entire day of elements and enjoying like the feast with no involvement of artificial latest technologies, only human dignity is involved.

Technology affects the quality of life

Alas! Unfortunately, we have hardly seen these types of scenes in daily life. It may become the main neglected reason for depression.

SOCIAL DISTRACTION among the family members becomes raised.

The social interaction and happy bonding of someone may increase the release of the hormone OXYTOCIN, which is a sign of compassion, sacrifice, and love. It produces positive vibes in man and decreases the freighted feeling of man.

Now social distraction among family members may enhance the problems of social and mental disturbances.

One of the screen-addicted-man is partially distracted socially, enjoying the passing time by scrolling the screen rather than enjoying the physically active. How is this mobile-addicted man brought up the new generation? Which type of generation do they bring up?

On the other hand, an activity that gives direct pleasure to you may cause the release of a neurotransmitter called DOPAMINE. Excessive use of particular joy and continuity of their One’s pleasure business may lead to an increased level of dopamine receptors that can be addictive to you because of any activity that became the reason for releasing it.

The question is whether that screen-addicted man may need a rehabilitation center or psychotherapy.

The most emphasized point here is to spend healthy, charming lives with positive vibes, stay connected with their relations, and generate a generation with the moral values of these grandees.

Grand are our strength and our anchors.