How Meditation to heal the body

How meditation to heal the body

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Meditation to heal the body; Meditation is a world of peace where the soul departs into a world of calmness. The body becomes a relaxed whole triangle of soul, mind and body heals by deep diving into the tranquil waves of the ocean. In what ways Meditation to heal the body: Meditation and healing the […]

How Senior can combact their health problem they may face

How Seniors can combat their health problems they may face

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Grands are those who brought us. No matter their health consequences decrease but may increase their wisdom and intellectual power. seniors our grand. They are precious treasures of wisdom to us as they have faced sweet and bitter experiences of life, which can teach us. Let’s Discuss how seniors can combat their health problems they […]

how to improve spiritual health

The easiest tips on how to improve spiritual health

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Spirituality listens to the deep voice of the heart and soul. Can you hear your inner voices? Relax in a cool and calm environment and evacuate all thoughts from your mind.; get deep in the imagination of the spiritual world, hear your inner voice, what you want, what you have, what life means, why you […]

4 parts of health

4 parts of health:

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The 4 parts of health are such crucial parameters of life; except this, we can’t spend our life as the right of our life. Longevity, Quality of Life, Independence & Dignity, Avoid Disability, Social & Intellectual Vitality, and protecting ageing have the most significant value in getting these parameters in our lives. 4 components of […]

What is the chief reason people choose the foods they eat

What is the chief reason people choose the foods they eat?

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The chief reason people choose the foods they eat is based on taste (90 percent of people’s opinion). But in my opinion, food is such a necessity of life that no one can survive without this; but sometimes it becomes beyond necessity and becomes a habitual craving. Some people want every time treat just to […]

Get Healthy Stay Healthy

4 Tips to Get Healthy Stay Healthy

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Health is a blessing necessary for yourself and for leading the happiest life or maintaining your relationships. Yes, bad health or symptoms of any disease may damage your relationships. Can you imagine? Yes, when a disturbance in sugar or cholesterol levels makes a person cranky and irritated due to pain in the legs or tiredness, […]

Pressure points for sciatica nerve

5 Magical Pressure points for sciatica nerve:

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What is sciatica nerve? The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the human body. It originates in the lower back and runs through the buttocks and the leg. Further, it innervates the muscles of the back of the thigh, part of the lower leg, and the sole. Sciatica pain radiates along the […]

pressure point for hiccups

Acupressure point for hiccups; How to stop hiccups:

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The involuntary muscle spasm of the diaphragm causes a sudden intake of breath that gets abruptly interrupted by the closure of the vocal cords, producing the characteristic “hic” sound.  The diaphragm is the main muscle involved in breathing. It can be triggered by irritation of the nerves controlling the diaphragm, stomach distention, sudden temperature changes, […]

What your toenails say about your health?

What your toenails say about your health?

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Each body part has an exclusive impression, which tells numerous physiological health changes. Similarly, the nail is the topmost, prominent part of the finger, which gives information about the body’s physiological conditions. What your toenails say about your health? Close observation of nails may reveal several differences from person to person. Each nail’s appearance gives […]

How to eat to live

How to eat to live; Tips to live healthy

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How to eat to live in such a healthy manner that some space of your stomach remains empty; don’t Fill it too much, more than the stomach space. one part of the stomach has a water part. So, your eating plate should fulfill the healthy parameters that are essential to living healthy. If you eat […]