how seeing colors during meditation

Emotions and sentiments are closely tied to colors. In addition, health relies heavily on balancing and working with light waves and colors. How seeing colors during meditation can be understood; The colour of your room is influenced mentally and physically by our routine observation. Hence, when your walls are sky blue, it gives a calm and soothing feeling. Further, it provides a refreshing and energizing feeling when it is green. Hence, and so on.

Thus, in the light of Chromolucis, the physical and controlled human sense is regulated by quantities of colors. Meditation unveils new dimensions of mind and soul. It starts with peace of mind and helps in living a healthy and prosperous life.

 By combining dual supreme therapy with color and meditation, seeing colors is more emphasized because it enhances our concentration and physical and spiritual strength.

How Seeing Colors During Meditation:

Here are some suggestions for absorbing colors and light along with meditation:

1- After sitting in a comfortable posture, it is imagined that the waves of light and colors are absorbed in the whole body.

2- Equally, it is essential to imagine a beam of color light falling upon the head. In addition, the brain is absorbed this beam color. 

3- It is imagined that the surrounding atmosphere is illuminated with colors and light.

4- Another view holds that meditation is submerged in the ocean of light.

It must be remembered that every color has particular physical and mental properties. As a matter of fact, meditation with specific light colours brings about chemical changes in the brain cells. Moreover surprisingly, this increases the ability to absorb light many folds.

Meditation with colored light is very beneficial in preventing and treating mental disorders caused by brain cell deterioration.

how seeing colors during meditation
Seeing Blue Light During Meditation

Meditation with blue light is suggested for relief of neck and back pains. It may cure vertebral problems, depression, a sense of deprivation, and weakness of willpower, which are vital in mental disorders.

Method of seeing a blue light in meditation:

First, sit in a comfortable posture. Second, do exercise breathing. Imagine yourself under the sky’s bright blue horizon. The beam of light falls on your head, peacefully absorbed. After transmitting the earth through the entire body, send it through the feet.

Seeing yellow light during meditation

Meditation with yellow light is very effective for curing diseases of the digestive system. It includes gastric problems, intestinal and stomach ulcers, dysentery and constipation.

Method of seeing yellow light:

After setting and breathing exercises, imagine a bright yellow beam of light coming from the sky, absorbing the brain and finally storing it in the stomach. Intriguingly, imagining yellow light can gradually cure digestive problems.

how seeing colors during meditation
seeing orange color during meditation

Seeing orange light during meditation

Meditation with orange light is specifically for the treatment of chest disease. It includes tuberculosis, whooping cough and asthma.

You can also meditate with orange light and orange chromatized water to get the most effective and quickest results.

Seeing green light during meditation

Greenlight meditation is particularly beneficial for high blood pressure, skin diseases, itch, syphilis, and eczema. Chrome therapy is also prescribed in cases of infertility. An excess of green color in meditation and daily routine gives an energetic and positive feeling.

how seeing colors during meditation
Seeing red light during meditation

Meditation with red light is suggested for hypotension, anaemia, gout, palpitation, general debility, weakness, feeling down, nervous breakdown, hopelessness, fear of death, and not tolerating loud voices.

how seeing colors during meditation
Seeing violet light during meditation

Meditation with violet light is undoubtedly related to sexual diseases and hormonal deficiency. It is equally crucial in the functioning of body glands, infertility and sterility.

how seeing colors during meditation
how seeing colors during meditation
Seeing pink light during meditation


Meditation with violet light is primarily used to treat epilepsy, depression, a sense of insecurity, negative thoughts, and pessimists.

The use of different colors for meditation can have profound effects when combined with respective solarized water.

Frequently asked questions

What are spiritual colors?

Spiritual colors are related to the soul. Red, orange, yellow, green, light, black, white and brown are spiritual colors. Each color has its own significance. All have undeniably positive vibes.

What color absorbs the most energy?

 Black: the most powerful. Of course, most absorb heat. Because it absorbs all heat and reflects nothing. Whereas, white color reflects all wavelengths of light and reflects the least heat. Meditation with white light gives enlightenment, purity and peace.

What color of light is most relaxing?

Blue light gives more relaxation than white light. Researchers concluded that relaxing time increases threefold with blue light meditation.

How color therapy intensifies its benefits with meditation:

Undoubtedly, yes. The theory of color therapy and meditation exists in all religions and in all eras. In addition to implementing the rule, our ancestors understood the power of color. Additionally, colour therapy was used in the time of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Iranians as well as in every other era for mankind’s benefit.

Even in this era, we get vitamin D from the sunlight. Newborn baby kept under violet light in an incubator for rapid growth. Furthermore, newborn babies with jaundice are kept under white light. Additionally, you can see more examples in this modern era. Colors were used to treat them. In addition, they even knew techniques for restoring the nervous system by using colors.

The universe is nothing but colors.

Color therapy coupled with meditation gives a sense of relaxation, mindfulness, and stress-relieving benefits with better results.


As a result, we have surrounded the ocean with different diseases. Most people rely on pharmacological treatment. Despite this, all drugs have specific side effects and adverse effects. Combining it with non-pharmacological treatment gives more positive results. As a result, it may further decrease the pharmacological treatment dose. But also reducing healing time and thus resulting in faster recovery. Get better results. Seeing colors during meditation is a pleasant experience once the person creates a Color Meditation scene and begins to visualize colors. How did it amaze me? How do I feel relaxed? No one can define it in words. I have personal experience of what soothing effects it gives. Could you do it?