What are 6:the best stages of spiritual awakening

Life is nothing without spirit. Life relies on the perfection of the soul. Yes, body diseases are somehow related to the health of the soul. How does it grow supremely? Think for a minute about your spirit. See inside you intellectually. What’s your spiritual health? Can you reveal or judge? Is any sound comes from your inner? Can you judge your spiritual health?
You can’t stand your physical body without a soul. How can you have a healthier, great life with-unhealthy soul? In a nutshell, you can get a good, calm and peaceful life with a healthy, flourishing spiritual aura in your body. Here, I am describing what are 6: the best stages of spiritual awakening.
You should have an internally glowing, shiny spiritual light; it doesn’t only glow your soul and your body coupled with enlighten your memory. Think that your body is running towards prosperity, fame and success. In the end, you lost your soul. What’s its destination? Think for a while!
Both your inner and outer world of your own has to change. Take a deep dive into a spiritual ocean and explore yourself in a relaxing world!

 what are 6; the best stages of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening often occurs when someone feels alone

When he gets shattered 

He has missing someone or a beloved left hem

If when someone in depression

If someone faces hard and tied life crises.

These life-changing events cause more spiritual perspectives.

Here, I am describing the six stages of spiritual awakening:

 1-The first stage of spiritual awakening is voiding or being empty; it gives the feeling of being down, lost and confused. Spiritual awakening starts by voiding with useless things from your life and your heart that give you pain. 

2- The second, called the dark night of the soul, occurs when someone experiences the very darkness of the soul. The spiritual awakening starts; your heart and body become empty and emotionless. Your newborn soul started the new journey of spiritualism. Now you are entering the eternal journey of the spirit of adventure.

 No doubt, after every dusky night, there is a purifying bright shiny morning comes.


what are 6; the best stages of spiritiual awakening

3-Now, in this third stage, illuminating light begins after the death of your ego. Your dark stage is left behind you. In this phase, the death of the ego occurs. It’s very tough, but once you have lost your ego, you go up and get long-lasting inner peace. Further, you get up.

4-In this, you are going to the new advanced and wakefully life. Equally important, It is a relief from the heaviness and discomfort of life. Now you are trying new hobbies and new challenges. New people that give happiness and calmness to your soul.

It is a curiosity phase, trying to learn new things, which now understand a new pattern differently. Hence, you are now obsessed with the inventions of new things spiritually. You are naturally creating more gravitating towards that things or people, which gives you relaxation internally. In a nutshell, you must explore the things that give your spiritual strength

stages of spiritiual awakening

The fourth stage is embedded in your knowledge, skills and talents. It is also one of the most overwhelming and overloaded stages. Because sometimes, people in between stages three and four fight against unseen enclaves with their newly getting spiritual knowledge. In this stage, it sometimes feels like walking in a jungle or on a puzzle track, ready to see surprises and not knowing where you are going.

In this stage, you must get energy or strength and dive into an explored, more bottomless ocean without hesitation. Let life change.

5-Stage five, you realize yourself. You will come in a brighter light from a dark tunnel. Further, you have experienced a deep sense of spiritual awareness arising. Reevaluation and behaviour changes become progress. Some people are confidently erased or ejected from your life. And new develops within you. Now the level of consciousness diverts the robot pilot and repels some others.

what are 6;the best stages of spiritual awakening

You may experience a more profound emotional sensitivity, avoiding the useless crowd for caution and securing your spiritual strength or energy.

6-The sixth stage is when you feel the reassurance of the unlimited energy that accesses you, gives guidance every time and gives unrelenting support. You become aware; you wake up; you are better than those who live unconsciously; you have a senior soul than others. You become compassionate and empathetic and love others, showing gratitude.

In this stage, there is a surrender of ego and soul, even achieving spiritual awareness; you should remain on the ground. We become more sympathetic in a state of the ground and surrender this ego. You experience more profound knowledge and know how to balance physical and spiritual health.

Now you are living with life grace and dignity. Further, you have positive energy and higher consciousness.

In the final stage, you have become aware of why you have come into this world. And who you are. Uniquely, your vision has changed. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean spiritual awakening in the physical death, but it is the process of knowing inside you. But still, you need to figure out what it is. It gives the destination route, .or. In other words, it starts the journey to the destination.

 Achieving the final stage of Spiritual awakening takes a year. Sometimes, people may go back to stages 3 and 4 because ego death is not the most straightforward way .because ego always causes hindrances to getting to the destination. You are amazed by spiritual awakening. But one time, you will achieve and feel its pleasant and rich tapestry of life. You can’t want to excel in his world.   

whatt are 6; the best stages of spiritual awakening


In a nutshell, foremost, you must void your soul, thoughts, and body of your stressed thoughts, painful people, and annoying moments. Second, fill the voided heart with spiritualism. How? By giving your own to the world creator, only think about him, who can manage the whole seen and unseen world. Everything will go in a sequence manner under his order. I have described, what are 6; the best stages of spiritual awakening in the easiest way. Try to implement these. In addition, show gratitude, forgiveness, and love. And don’t expect from others. It will give you splendid character and keep you careless from others.

In all these, the most crucial phase in the spiritual awakening is the death of the ego. Eliminate ego from your heart and soul; take a deep dive in the spring of inner peace and enjoy the results of spiritual awakening.