what does meditation feel like

I suspiciously asked the question to her what meditation does feel like. She quietly listens and takes a deep breath as she gets diving into the ocean of the past. That scene created my suspicions as she started speaking like the winning girl as she deeply conquered the world.
I was 20 years old when I heard about meditation. At that time, my life was the same as others, which meant getting stressed during an examination. Little small matters hurt me. Enduring great effort, But nothing gets a good reward. Further, it Can’t maintain the strategy or the stability of life.
I so cared about people. Felt guilty in front of my superior one. Lack of creativity. I felt life is like a full burden. Even enjoyed parties and fun but did not feel the relaxation and fun cordially. There is a lack ness inside me that should be filled.
I frequently get anxious because of several minor problems; She chuckled and remarked that although now I felt small, it was a big issue for me at that time. Let it go. What come changes after the adaption of meditation in my life?
I heard about meditation and its benefits. I wanted to admit it in my life and get full benefits. I joined different meditation sessions. I remember when the first time I do meditate. It is difficult for me to sustain concentration and distraction from the surrounding. But I remembered during the whole sitting, I just wanted to achieve concentration.
Although, I felt a lightness in my body after practice. Letting go of some burdened thoughts. But until then, I did not understand the full benefits. But the good thing or god’s blessing is that I continued to meditate, and after some time, I realized how changes come into my mind, soul, and body.

what does meditation feel like

As time passed, I eagerly awaited time to meditate. I hurriedly finished my responsibilities and did meditate. As the question in your mind, why I eagerly awaited? How the locked door of my mind opened, I don’t know. When it enlightened my soul, I didn’t realize it; when it became a passion for me, I don’t know.

 My thought way has changed as the wide spectrum of creativity enlightened it. I don’t get too much stress due to big hurdles and troubles. Now, I want to solve the puzzle of life with creativity. It has reduced my stress. Previously, I was afraid of people; now, I have become careless about them. How I describe to you how my life has changed

Identifying and connecting the inner soul world; is the basic difference that can exist between animals and the dignifying creature of the world——– Humans.

Meditation liberates or explores your hidden potential. Undeniably, every person has some hidden potential. The basic need is to identify and utilize it at the right time. And it is only possible when you are connected with your inner ones or deep dining in your soul.

Practicing meditation gives us to understand the world and people in a different manner. You can justify it according to your perception, which is liberated from inside you. Unwanted people or things you can easily distract from your life for the peace of your own life. It gives the feeling of peace. Wants to keep the peaceful world. Always ready to get the reality of life. After deep meditation, I understand the true meaning of love, nature, life and many more.

 There are many different types of meditation. One is mindfulness meditation, which gives creative and optimistic thoughts and feelings. Why have we come? What’s our purpose and your need? Everything I understand very clearly.

Now that my life has become so peaceful, I am trying to solve the problem creatively and intellectually. I thought the man could do everything if he wanted to do it. But he should have energy. Yes, the energy liberated from the inside or an energetic soul may conquer the world with an intellectual mind. Yes, meditation also gives energy to the soul. Just the physical body needs a healthy meal to survive, same as our soul needs healthy practices which are beneficial to our soul or help to grow our soul.

OH! What should I say in this present moment? What does meditation feel like. How can I share my meditation experiences; it’s so nice and pleasant that I can’t express it inwards. Every meditator has different meditation experiences. And every meditator has different meditation styles that suit them. But what I got and shared is incredible. Could you do it? Keep practicing meditation. You can explore the different worlds of meditation, which become useful in this world in which you are living.