How to reduce sugar level by home remedy

How to reduce sugar level by home remedy.

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How to Reduce sugar level by homeremedy ? To Overcome or lessen the symptoms of diabetes. This blog helps you to solve your pain.

technologies effects quality of life

Technology affects the quality of Life

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Here, I describe some stories of life which we are hardly seen now in our life. It might be due to technologies that affect. See how Technology affects the quality of life.

The teary eyes, depressive thoughts, hopeless mind: bow down on the lover’s warm Lap. It may cause illumination in the dark.

what are the stages of spiritual awakening

What are 6; the best stages of spiritual awakening

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You can’t stand your physical body without a soul. How can you have a healthier, great life with-unhealthy soul? In a nutshell, you can get a good, calm and peaceful life with a healthy, flourishing spiritual aura in your body. Here, I am describing what are 6: the best stages of spiritual awakening.

palm tree dates and thier excellent benefits


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What are the 8 excellent benefits of palm tree dates?

Date palm trees are the source of dates. In Urdu, dates are called Khajoor. It is a natural sweetener. In addition, I have personally experienced the excellent benefits of dates.

There are types of dates, such as Ajwah, Kalami, Mabroom, Sukkary, and many more available.


What are Meditation and its excellent benefits

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Sit in a calm environment. Focus your attention goal point. Lay down all the thoughts or the line of thinking. Think about love and kindness.

These are elements of Meditation. It improves and maintains your energy for achieving the goals and Puzzles out the problem. What are meditation and its excellent benefits?

Meditation Urdu means Muraqba. It is practiced in every religion and viewed as the most essential and fundamental exercise of spiritualism.

what are the meditation and five nautre of element

What are the Meditation Elements and Five Elements of Nature

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During the fast riding of the life, the tract does brake. Take rest. See, inside; you are yours for knowing self-personality do Meditation. Let’s explore what are the Meditation elements a and five elements of nature.

foods that lowers choleserol

What are the Best 15 foods that lower cholesterol?

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Living style and diet both have profound effects on controlling cholesterol. However, One problem still faced is choosing the proper healthy diet for managing and maintaining blood cholesterol. It is a diet that improves heart health and causes to decrease heart attacks, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart diseases, and stroke. Here it is necessary to know what are the best 15 foods that lower cholesterol.

benefits of figs

What are the best benefits of Figs

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Figs have a light sweetness to them and are shaped like a teardrop.

Ficus carica is the fig’s botanical name.

Fig Urdu’s name is anjeer.

 Its fig fruit and ficus carica leaves have excellent health benefits. In this blog, I explore the best benefits of Figs.

Black figs are excellent and nutritious.

what are the three keys to good health

What Are The Three Keys To Good Health

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. Based on research, I am concise of all these factors under the three main keys. What are the three keys to good health ? According to the world health organization, these factors are based on maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sound sleep. Overall fitness depends on these keys to good health.

What does meditation feels like

What does Meditation feel like

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I suspiciously asked the question to her what does meditation feel like. She quietly listens and takes a deep breath as she gets diving into the ocean of the past. That scene created my suspicions as she started speaking like the winning girl, deeply conquering the world.